UGA Sleep Study

Improving student-athlete sleep patterns through emerging technologies.

Work Hard, Sleep Hard.

UGA student-athletes sleep 6 hours a night on average.

Division I student-athletes at every university face the same problem: They're time is stretched too thin. From practice to academics to media coverage to study halls, everyone wants a piece of the pie. University surveys have shown that these time constraints are directly correlated with student-athlete sleep deprivation.

That's where we come in. Our team is working with Dr. Ronald Courson, Senior Associate Athletic Director of Sports Medicine within the UGA Athletic Association, to find a solution.

Our mission is to utilize current and emerging technologies to study and improve student-athlete sleep patterns here at UGA.

Sleep Study

This summer, the UGA Athletic Association will carry out an in-depth study of student-athlete sleep patterns. Our main job? To assess and implement Internet of Things sleep tracking technologies into the research design for this study.

However, we decided not to stop there. In addition to our work with IoT technologies, we decided to conduct some preliminary research of our own.

Multimedia Sleep Campaign

Our study is a great start in tackling the problem of student-athlete sleep patterns, but we felt we were missing a fundamental piece of the puzzle: Why should athletes care?

With that in mind, we've developed a multimedia sleep campaign to inform athletes of the direct impact of sleep on performance, in a way they'll actually want to pay attention to.